Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead are available most of the year in Oregon, we have two distinct runs of steelhead and they each have their peak season.

Summer Steelhead begin entering the river systems in April and fishing for them is very good through July. Summer steelhead are very aggressive biters and I fish all different methods for them, including Fly Fishing, Spinner Fishing and Bouncing Bait. Summer Steelhead average 8-12 pounds and are great fighters.

Winter Steelhead begin showing in the coastal rivers in mid December and fishing for them is good through March with January and February being the peak. Winter Steelhead are fished for with bait, salmon eggs and sand shrimp, and I usually side drift bobber fish and back bounce for them. The water temp. is usually in the forties so fly fishing is not too productive at this time.